Australasian Youth Justice Administrators

AYJA-AIHW Report Released 27 August 2019 – Young People Returning to Youth Justice Supervision 2017-18

The Young People Returning to Youth Justice Supervision 2017-18 report has been released.  The report is not accompanied by a Media Release.

The report can also be accessed under Publications, Reports and Research, and on the AIHW website 

Report Summary

Of young people aged 10–17 who were under sentenced youth justice supervision at some time from 2000–01 to 2017–18, 41% returned to supervised sentence before turning 18. Of young people aged 10–16 in 2016–17 and released from sentenced community-based supervision, 24% returned to sentenced supervision in 6 months, and 47% within 12 months. Of those released from sentenced detention, 59% returned within 6 months, and 80% within 12 months.

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