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AYJA Spotlight Series

Welcome to the AYJA Spotlight Series!!

About the AYJA Spotlight Series 

Inspired by the world famous Tedx Talks and committed to celebrating excellence, AYJA is proud to offer up our new AYJA Spotlight Series.  This initiative provides a platform and repository for video stories and content about the work being done across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, to make a difference for young people who offend, and their families, victims, and communities.

AYJA Spotlight Series Informative Flyer

The Opportunity

AYJA reaches a wide audience of people and organisations involved in youth justice.  This includes administrators, practitioners and policymakers from government and community organisations; academics and students; and others with a keen interest in effective, innovative youth justice outcomes.

The Spotlight Series will add new videos to the AYJA website regularly and promote the platform and additions to it through our international AYJA network.  Communications will be circulated out to our members and their networks, and promotion on our website and at our events like the biennial Australasian Youth Justice Conference.  All video presentations will be archived and readily available/accessible to the public.

People and organisations involved in youth justice can upload videos that they have produced or commissioned.  The purpose being to share innovative, creative, and interesting activity, initiatives and programs that are having a positive impact on young people, families and/or victims involved with their local youth justice system.

You are also welcome to submit videos that share the experiences of young people, their families, and victims from their perspectives.

Videos can be existing ones that have been produced for other purposes, provided that you do have the necessary permissions from the people involved and that the rights and privacy of young people and families involved are protected.

Want the Spotlight to shine on you?

Firstly, are you an AYJA member or someone working with an AYJA member?

If yes, then email [email protected] and tell us (in under 500 words):

  • Your name, organisation, and contact details
  • If you’re not an AYJA member, please let us know where you are based and the Government agency that you are working with (e.g. Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children)
  • The initiative, program, or item that you would like featured
  • If your video is ready to go now and if not, when it might be available

We’ll get in touch with you directly with next steps (including sending us your video for publication) and to find out more if we need to.

If you’re not working with an AYJA member but have something you’d like to share with this audience, get in touch with us for a chat.

What you need to supply

  • Videos are ideally between 5 and 15 minutes each.
  • MP4 format preferred.
  • You must own the rights and/or have permission to share the content and the video with the general public.
  • A transcript of the content in the video in Word 2010 or later (this is used to make the video accessible).
  • We host videos on the AYJA YouTube channel so YouTube policies and guidelines apply.
  • Just like Tedx Talks: no commercial, political, or religious agendas; no inflammatory rhetoric; and no bad science.

Next steps

The Spotlight Series will be hosted on the AYJA website and will be live from May 2021. The Spotlight Series page will be maintained on an ongoing basis and once live will be updated with information on how to submit.

If you have questions about the Spotlight Series or want to know more, please get in touch with the AYJA Secretariat by emailing [email protected]

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