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AYJA Spotlight Series – Presentation 1 – ‘Sunset Warrior’ Youth Justice NSW

Spotlight Series Presentation 1 – 11 May 2021

AYJA is excited to present the very first video presentation of the AYJA Spotlight Series from Youth Justice NSW entitled ‘Sunset Warrior’.

‘Sunset Warrior’ is an early intervention program established by Youth Justice NSW and lead by Jason Phillips, an Aboriginal Practice Officer.  The 10-module program focuses on taking young people out on country in Bourke,  where they feel safe to break down the barriers between them and services in the community.  Depending on the offences of the young people, Jason and the team invite relevant community supports along to the program.  As you will see in this video, PCYC and Maranguka Community Hub were invited to join the program as the young people had already been in contact with these providers for various reasons.  The program aims to stop the stigma of using services in the community, as well as instilling the real meaning of what a modern day warrior is.

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