Australasian Youth Justice Administrators

AYJA Spotlight Series – Presentation 6 – ‘My Country, My Family, My Home’ Department of Justice WA

AYJA is pleased to advise that the sixth SLS presentation has gone live!!

East Kimberley Regional Youth Justice Services is the most remote youth justice service in the state of WA.  It is a three day trip for a young person entering custody to be transported from the East Kimberley to the single detention centre in Perth.  The staff at East Kimberley Regional Youth Justice Services understand this intimately, and it is a driver to ensure custody is a last resort.  The cohort of young people involved in this presentation, are all at the diversionary stage and involved with the Juvenile Justice Team (JJT).  Youth Justice Services innovatively engage the young people via media and the making of their songs, along with gaining skills from the North Regional TAFE.   At the same time, they engage families to knit young people back into what is important in their life.  This is some of their work.

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